Unfortunately, …

Unfortunately, there are some people who spend their time trying to increase the percentage of their human righteousness, and thus fail to lay hold upon the totally different divine righteousness which is provided by the gospel.
Do not think that the convict is to say, “God, I have done twenty percent by myself and so I need eighty percent from you.” And do not think that the ethically good man is to say, “God, you see that I have done eighty percent by myself and so, fortunately, I need trouble you for no more than twenty percent to make up that which is lacking.”
And what is much harder (than the convict learning to curse his twenty percent of righteousness), the good man must curse the eighty percent of human righteousness, abandon all hope of salvation by means of it, and come to the cross of Jesus Christ to receive the one hundred percent of a totally different righteousness which does not come from man at all, but which is provided by the Lord Jesus Christ on the basis of His atoning death for sin and sinners. -Dr. Donald Grey Barnhouse

The truth of salvation is that none of our righteous acts, whether they be many or few earn us a single ounce of favor with God.  We have to put off human “righteousness” and put on true righteousness, which is God’s righteousness.  Then we have all the favor with God that we will ever need.  If we continue to cling to our own “righteousness,” we will still be judged as having fallen infinitely short of God’s glory, and will be cast away from His holy presence forever.


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